February 7, 2012

It threatened to rain, but it didn't. So we had a wonderful photo shoot downtown. I was a bit nervous...Layne is a photographer and it un-nerved me. I forgot my camera battery. My release forms. My memory card was full. I was a mess. But, in spite of it all, I really got some wonderful shots.

The kids were so cute. Kaine was a handsome little redhead. And all that red hair was in a most perfect little mohawk. Throw in some baby blue eyes and freckles...and you have a perfect little boy. Alicia was a rollie-pollie, laid back 6 month old girl with the sweetest disposition. And eyes as big as saucers.

Layne was wonderful. She was open and sharing with what she's learned with her business. And she had coordinated her family's outfits like a pro...they all had something red...but not too much. Just enough to pull it all together. Whitney was...well...a Dad. A good sport for spending his Saturday afternoon getting his picture taken.


Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness I am in love! I have teared up looking at these! You are amazing! Thank You so much!

janeywan said...

Very nice job!

Aarika said...

this is a FANTASTIC shoot--the red is outstanding but how you captured them in every picture is simply fantastic!

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