September 2, 2012

New Orleans Bulldog Rescue ~Pensacola Pet Photography

This was not an official photo shoot, but a happy chance opportunity (pretty serendipitous...yes?). We had a little weekend getaway to New Orleans last weekend. Love to photograph that city.

At the end of the French Market, we spotted the most charming bulldog resting with his person in the shade across the street. So...across the street we went. More and more bulldogs kept streaming in! Introductions were made, which I immediately forgot. But I do remember they were a Bulldog Rescue group. And, I'm assuming they are the New Orleans Bulldog Rescue group.

I gave the sweet lady that I spoke with my card, and said I would put the pictures up on my site. I hope she sees them!!!

If anyone is interested in seeing the rest of the trip, I have put up, and still adding, posts to Seaside Sharon. This link will take you to the first New Orleans post...I'm up to post 7 and not finished yet.

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