About Me

My shooting style is a blend of photojournalism and fine-art. Each image is edited by me. I am placing my brand of photography on my shoots...children, newborns, senior portraits, couples, engagements, families, and expecting families. I love capturing genuine moments & emotions!

  1. I was exposed to photography at an early age. My father loved photography. I remember watching him set up and take beautiful portraits. This was during the age of film only. And he developed his own. I can still remember the smells of the dark room and the excitement of watching the image appear on a blank sheet of paper under the developing fluids. Then hanging them to dry. It was a beautiful process. And I have wonderful memories of  time spent with just me and my father.
  2. Later my father gave me his Yashica to take pictures.
    I would give anything to have this camera again...but somewhere along my life, it disappeared. But, because of this camera, I can pinpoint the exact moment I was forever hooked. It was when I took a picture of my daughter at my parents house. She was swaddled in a blanket I had knitted with so much love while waiting for her birth...a baby blue blanket with pink daisies embroidered on it. When I took this picture, the morning light through the window was perfect...although I didn't realize it at the time. Now I know that light is everything.
  3. I've had steadfast encouragement from the love of my life, Drew. He always had faith in me and gave me confidence in my photography skills. He is my biggest fan and my harshest critic. And with his encouragement, I pursued my dream of photography!