Love Notes

  • Wow, the pics are absolutely stunning. You captured everything. I just relived the day all over again. You and Danny made this day so much easier for me. The pictures where no one is paying attention and just being natural turned out to be the best. You did that wonderfully. Once again thank you! Ebony
  • Sharon, the phototographer from Sharondipidity Photography is not your typical photographer. Her use of natural light to make each picture shine and almost sparkle is part of her photographer gift! She sees the pictures in the moment. She is a great action photographer. She makes you feel very comfortable as she captures the perfect images that will take your breath away. Her wide range of cameras and lenses gives a variety of options, different angles and views during your shoot. She makes the photos come to life thru her editing! Each picture she has ever taken speaks for itself! She has a passion for photography and shoots each shot with thought and meaning. Her photos tell a story, your story. Sharon is a great photographer that shoots with her heart and provides you with photos you will love to keep and cherish forever! You will be highy impressed with the final outcome of your photoshoot.
    Thanks Sharon for capturing a little story of my family! Layne
  • Wow..that was so fast! I love the pictures ! I'm looking at them right now....they' re so beautiful..I feel like crying (actually I am). I can't thank you enough for taking them.. You have such a wonderful gift ~ thanks for sharing it! Kristin Spinella
  • We had a wonderful photo session with Sharon. I had a rambunctious three year old who wanted to run around and play the entire time. I was concerned that she would not be able to get any photos. Believe it or not, she captured some amazing shots. Sharon's sunny disposition make her a breeze to work with, and her passion for photography shines through her photos. I highly recommend her to anyone wanting to preserve special moments in their lives. Amber Dunaway
  • Sharon does such a fanstic job of catching those moments you want to hang on your wall for the rest of time. Jenny Hasseltine
  • Sharon!!  These are beautiful!!  Thank you so much!!  There are some of the children that I actually teared up!!  GORGEOUS!! Laure Nickell
  • For Jacob's Senior Pictures I wanted pictures that captured his true personality as he is at this moment in his life. Sharon gave me everything I wanted and more. Her ability to combine artistry with photography is amazing. Anyone wanting fantastic pictures needs to check out her website -! And to you Sharon, all I can say is thank you, thank you, thank you! Pam Klarman