What to Wear


First...since I'm such a visual person...look at some ideas on my Pinterest Board.

What to wear and bring:
I love color!  Please, let your personality shine through!  That said, these are your photographs, and they should be just how you want them.  If you prefer a more formal look, then feel free to get dressed up.  If you want a more casual, fun look, then think about using fun, bold colors, hats, and clothing with lots of different textures.  Or, you can coordinate clothing in the similar tones and styles. Blue is a great color for most complexions. Brown and navy are a great choice if you don't want to wear black. Solids are usually a perfect choice for portraits! Shirts with collars, rolled up sleeves and jeans work great. Layering, and small details can really make a photo. Add little details to individuals to help set them apart, but make sure they aren't contrasting to the other people in the portrait. Logos and busy patterns move the viewers eyes right to them, so try to avoid them if at all possible!

Above all, wear something you like...that you feel comfortable in. Your photographs will reflect this. Dress for the weather. Don't be afraid to layer.

For the younger ones:
Other things to think about bringing include: a drink/sippy cup for each child, a small snack, baby wipes for messy faces or drippy noses, a small treat if desired (some moms bring little candies for incentives), a change of clothes, and any special props you may want including your child's favorite toy.

For the older ones:
Any of the above that applies, as well as any prop that you may wish to include in any portraits, are good things to consider.  Whatever is special to them, at this time in their life, that you would like to capture on film, such as musical instrument, letterman's jacket, or any sports equipment.

Make sure everyone is rested and fed.  If a child is not feeling well, it's better to reschedule to another date or time. I will work with you, so please don't feel obligated to show up if you or your little one isn't feeling up to it! Don't do anything drastic to your appearance prior to portraits. The more natural you are the better the photographs are!